Bulgaria Travel guide

You can not only enjoy the sea and sun in Bulgaria. This country is famous for its historical background and culture, artistic values and charming towns, olden monasteries and modern buildings.

The most attractive holiday destinations are in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, located in the heart of the city. The tourists can enjoy the visit to marvelous tower of the Banya Bashi mosque, and the limestone shower with decorated tiles there, St. George Rotunda temple constructed in the second century, the Church of the Light of Sofia for which reason this city has the name Sofia, church of St. Nicholas that is a great & beautiful attraction and was constructed in memoriam of Russian fighters of the Russia-Turkey war and the church of Holy Resurrection. The largest shopping center, Vitosha Avenue, is the location where you can enjoy the visit to the Theological arts school, the historic museum that has the olden memorial objects of the notable Panagyurishte gold treasure and a lot of golden basins with mythological symbols engraved on them. The sight of Golden domes of Alexander Nevski Cathedral is really great and can be seen from a very far distance and is memorial of the soldiers, who had taken part in the freedom of Bulgaria. (more…)


Tsarevo Bulgaria Travel guide

Tsarevo is relatively bigger town supposedly has about 6,000 residents. There are plenty of shops, a few hotels, marina, and beach. It’s cheap.

Tsarevo, together with several other small coastal villages, has been changed into a pleasant little town. It has main shopping street with many coffee shops and stores wherever you can buy just around anything. There is a park by the side of the coast with gorgeous gardens.

The oldest part of the city is situated near the Peninsula somewhat similar to Sozopol. There are great attractions at southern side of the peninsula in the Gulf port and on the north side of the beach rather than adjacent to the mainland to the Peninsula. (more…)


Suggestions For Smooth Stays Throughout your Awesome Arizona Getaways

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Necochea Beach Pleasures and Travel Attractions

Come and bask in the pleasures of the Nechochea beach resort, which is a one stop beach destination in this part of the Southern Pampas region where the entire of Buenos Aires comes and enjoys this getaway experience. All tourists coming to this part of the world enjoy the lovely ambience and the serene surroundings in this part of the world and enjoy this experience of being in this beach paradise. (more…)


When to visit Greece: Winter Holidays in Greece

In it’s second season of the year, the people of Greece enjoy one of its best kept secrets – the excellent skiing and snowboarding that can be found there. Prices here are much cheaper than in Switzerland, France or Italy with lift passes being as little as $90 for a 7 day pass. The most popular resorts are in Macedonia and Parnassos, where you will find yourself close enough to visit the Temple of Apollo at Adelphi, and maybe catch a priceless photo of it, lightly dusted in snow. (more…)


Budget your tours live your dreams

While in the land of tradition and culture, you would want to experience the best yet not want to burn a hole in your pocket. This is the time that you should know about the tours which are available on budget in India. Such Indian tours are a source of entertainment and relaxation yet ensure you get your money’s worth. (more…)