Effects Of Whole Body Vibration On The Horse

Giving your horse regular sessions on the vibration platform not only helps the horse to heal faster but it also helps to tone their muscles and begin the initial process of getting them back into form.

The vibration technology is a revolutionary invention that has greatly benefited horses in many ways. If you can get more information natural pain relief in horses, then you can click at:

P.R.P For Use With Horses – Back Pain In Horses

Horses with suspensory injury or ligament tear are usually down for long durations, however with the vibration technology it helps them to heal faster and keep their whole body exercised.

Colic prevention with vibration technology

Long durations of rest and restricted movement leads to a build-up of gas and ultimately result in bad colic pain for the horses. If the horses have regular sessions of vibration therapy, it helps to keep them exercised and also prevents the build-up of colic.

Colic is very painful for horses and requires surgery to give them relief. Preventing it is the best thing that one can do for a horse that is on rest due to injury.

Fully automated Vibrating platform

The vibrating platform is fully automated and safe for the horses. You can place your horse on it and leave it there for the duration. If you set the timer the vibration will stop by itself after running its due course.