How to Become an Email Service Provider

The email Service supplier needs to have the installation to send bulk emails. There are many open sources software like Gmail, Exim, and Postfix for this objective. However, this software has its limitations which limit you from turning into a fantastic email service provider.

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How to Become an Email Service Provider

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  • You can’t have a pool of ips from which you can send emails randomly
  • Cannot Comply with the throttling limit set by various ISP’S?
  • No bounce processing mechanism
  • Mail authentication techniques like DK and DKIM not elastic enough to execute
  • The limitation at the Number of emails Which Can Be Sent
  • Issues in using server source properly

Each one the above-mentioned drawbacks can be eliminated if you're trying for paid email service program like celerity, IronPort, Powermatic, etc.

These programs together with an interface for users to make an email template (HTML email templates), auto-responders and program email campaigns will turn you into a fantastic email service provider.

As there's a tight competition today since there are lots of suppliers you need to offer value-added service such as effort track by which clients can come to learn how a lot of their emails have delivered to an email, bounced, etc..

The interface ought to be clean and simple to navigate, you also need to have a solid technical support staff that will continuously monitor the support and makes sure high deliverability.

High deliverability is closely linked to the program you've decided on and also the majority of the paid ones possess these benefits over open-minded email applications.