Budget Your Tours Live Your Dreams

While in the land of tradition and culture, you would want to experience the best yet not want to burn a hole in your pocket. This is the time that you should know about the tours which are available on budget in India. Such Indian tours are a source of entertainment and relaxation yet ensure you get your money’s worth.

Amongst the many varieties of budget travel in North India, the fort and palace tour in the state of Rajasthan is a must. You would reach the capital of India which is Delhi at midnight and would be taken to a hotel. After this the next day you would have a lot of places to see in New Delhi. Places like Jama Masjid, old city, red fort and the Kutub Minar etc are all good m monuments to see.

The next day you would go to Mandwa which is a small city in the region of the Shekawats. Here you would have to check into a hotel and then there is a visit around the lovely windows and the beautiful mansions, and the magnificent forts around. This place gives a lot of value to architecture. There is a beautifully painted gateway which shows the Indian god Krishna with a herd of cows.

The next day we get to see the beautiful town of Nawalgarh where the beautiful Shekawati windows are the major feature. Here there are mansions which have been constructed by the Marwaris. Anandilal Poddar Haveli, Bansidhar Bhagat etc are good mansions to visit.

After a stay overnight at the hotel the next day you would go to the fort at Junagadh. This ancient fort with its long wall measuring 896m has 37 bastions, temples and two huge entrances. There is an old Jain temple here which the most important temple of the area. There is a camel breeding farm here which is a lovely opportunity where you could taste camel milk.

The next day you get to see the fort at Jaisalmer which has beautiful sandstone walls and the lovely streets here with exquisite carvings make this place very unique. The grand mansions and the exotic nature of this place, make this a very intriguing place. The sand dunes here are a major attraction and the sunset scene here attracts a lot of tourists.

The lovely picturesque surroundings and the ambience of the majestic sand dunes render the person very enthralled and as you see the wind across the dunes, the entire region gives a great feeling. There is a camel safari here which gives you a unique experience and this shouldn’t be missed.

Then the next day you could go to Jodhpur which another princely Indian state. This land in the Marwar region is also the second largest city in the state of Rajasthan. Known as the blue city this is a must visit for the tourists. There is a wall extending 10km around the city which renders the place historic.

With all the palaces, monuments and mansions, this is a good budget travel. Just go and enjoy the budget travel in North India.

Tsarevo Bulgaria Travel guide

Tsarevo is relatively bigger town supposedly has about 6,000 residents. There are plenty of shops, a few hotels, marina, and beach. It’s cheap.

Tsarevo, together with several other small coastal villages, has been changed into a pleasant little town. It has main shopping street with many coffee shops and stores wherever you can buy just around anything. There is a park by the side of the coast with gorgeous gardens.

The oldest part of the city is situated near the Peninsula somewhat similar to Sozopol. There are great attractions at southern side of the peninsula in the Gulf port and on the north side of the beach rather than adjacent to the mainland to the Peninsula. The old city has one main street leading from the Peninsula to the mainland, recently gaining some shine and tourism. Carevo looks like other south Bulgarian town – houses, the occasional larger hotel, gardens and parks.

Carevo has its name from the kind of Tsars (about Russian and Bulgarian), who came in the nineteenth century. The town was renamed Michurin. Under this name, it is still fairly well-known. Name Michurin has shown on the new maps of foreign publishers. Michurin was a successful breeder of Russian fruit trees, popular in Russia in the period of communist rule.

Accommodation in Tsarevo is not centralized. If you go with a travel agency, which is probably the best, try to inquire about the bus station on the west side of town. In the suburbs, there are lower prices than on the Peninsula. In Tsarevo, there are two new hotels in the center, Diana and Zebra. Another four new hotels are built on the Vassiliki beach. Tsarevo town is a visitor must-to-see sight with a good selection of lodge accommodation, although it is not as full of activity as Primorsko, Lozenets and Kiten. There are two small beaches.

Camp north of the city is called Arapja, often written Arapya. It has a nice environment, here sea cliffs are typical of the southern part of the Bulgarian coast, which surround a small circular bay with sandy beach. Arapja located about 2 km north of Tsarevo. There are 2 hotels on the Arapja beach.

Tsarevo is a convenient location for holiday options for different walks in the neighborhood. Apart from the almost deserted diverse coast (south to Varvara, north to Lozenci), there are west hills. There is very significant Strandja Mountain.

Tsarevo was a pop destination for the Bulgarian royal family, is very pop location for most celebrities, enjoying the increasingly favored tourists and is the most favorable place to pass your soothing vacation.

For more information about the area Tsarevo: It has Burgas Airport, the international port of passenger vessels, football ground, tennis court, a beautiful bay, hunting, horseback riding, sports racing yachts, windsurfing and scuba diving. You can also enjoy a lot of cultural and social events as well.